• BioAdvance

    As part of a $2 billion initiative of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the life sciences, BioAdvance received $33.8 million to accelerate the creation of life sciences jobs and businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania. BioAdvance invests in technologies and products that cover an array of innovations - from new diagnostics to medical devices and promising therapies for a variety of disabling and life threatening conditions including cancer, Alzheimer's disease, macular degeneration, obesity, drug-resistant infections, intractable pain, and addiction.
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  • Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP)

    Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA (BFTP): As part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Technology Partnership, Ben Franklin provides entrepreneurs and established businesses with the capital, knowledge and networks to compete in the global marketplace. Ben Franklin has provided a total of more than $130 million to grow more than 1,600 regional enterprises across all areas of technology.
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  • Edison Innovation R&D Fund

    The Edison Innovation R&D Fund seeks to develop, sustain, and grow technology and life sciences businesses that will lead to well-paying job opportunities for New Jersey residents. Since the launch of the Fund in October 2006, New Jersey has delivered over a quarter of a billion dollars in financing has provided assistance business incentives and tax credits to early-stage and established technology and life sciences businesses. In addition, over $425 million in total project costs have been leveraged by Edison Innovation R&D Fund investments.
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  • AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals

    AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals is a European Pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on clinical development and distribution of treatments for rare or complex diseases. The company distributes 11 approved products across Europe and Asia in the following disease areas: Cardiology, Pulmonology, Hematology & Oncology, Intensive Care Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry. AOP Orphan has partnership with several pharmaceutical companies including United Therapeutics, Pierre Fabre, Alliance Pharma, Desitin and Britannia Pharmaceuticals.
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  • Private Individual Investors

    Niiki Pharma is primarily funded by a group of high net worth individuals who share Niiki Pharma's vision of bringing new cancer treatments and companion diagnostics to patients in need.

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